Our Pipeline

Our Pipeline

Development Pipeline 

Using multi-olemic analysis, plus our proprietary AI vaccine model, we will design personalized vaccines for each cancer type, and combine drugs proven for each cancer type, reaching for a pan cancer approach


1. Multi-omic analysis
Same multi-analysis of tumor tissue for all cancer types; pan cancer solution


2. Powered by a proprietary AI-vaccine design model
Same AI platform with new training data for different cancer types;  pan cancer solution


3. Personalized cancer vaccine
Same manufacturing technology and adjuvant used for all solid tumors;  pan cancer solution



4. Combine drugs proven for each type of cancer
Analyze tumor tissue to identify key immune system barriers
Map clinical trials of drugs that address these barriers
Identify appropriate drugs for that cancer 

Development Pipeline beyond mCRC…

Getting to Complete Responses in one cancer after another

1. Multi-omic Analysis2. Proprietary AI Vaccine Model3. Personalized Cancer Vaccine4. Combine Proven Drugs for each Cancer Type
Solid TumorGenetic Analysis of Tumor Tissue
Clinical Trial Landscape MappedCandidate Drugs IdentifiedClinical Trial Sites MappedInitiated IND Process with FDA Clinical Trial Start
Colorectal (MSS)2023
Colorectal (MSI)
HCC (Liver Cancer)
Gastric Cancer (Stomach Cancer)
Pancreatic Cancer
Esophageal Cancer