Personalized Immunotherapy

A Breakthrough in the treatment and cure of all solid cancers by attacking 30 unique targets found by AI/ML in each patient.
First in industry: mass spectrometry per patient for AI training.


Cancer vaccines tailor made for each patient

Treatment is in two parts


Cancer vaccine to create

  • BreakBio AI analyzes cancer cells from each patient to find not one, but many proteins on them
  • AI training repeated per patient from innovative, unique mass spectrometry analysis of each patient's cancer cells
    • Beginning of a new era of AI drug design per patient
  • BreakBio manufactures the drugs: synthetic copies of these proteins, the dawn of personalized drug manufacturing

FDA approved cancer drugs for that cancer indication
to help T-cells infiltrate tumors

Reduces barriers to immune system and slows rate of growth of cancer cells

First Trial

BreakBio’s first trial is a phase 1/2 in metastatic colorectal cancer. It will start treating patients in 2024

Died Annually


Colorectal cancer is the second most deadly cancer, after lung cancer, in America.
Late-Stage Chemo Failures May Find Hope In BreakBio's Treatment.

Breakthrough Technology

Our mission is a breakthrough in the treatment and cure of all solid cancers. BreakBio is named for this vision a Breakthrough in Biotech. Our first aim is to quickly achieve Breakthrough Therapy Designation from the FDA for our first cancer indication.

BreakBio’s proprietary

BreakBio’s proprietary, patent-pending AI/ML designed personalized cancer vaccines are for all solid cancers, with the first trial in metastatic colorectal cancer starting in 2024.

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BreakBio's Recognition

BreakBio CEO Roy de Souza was honored by the American Cancer Society at an event on May 11, 2023.

Roy de Souza, CEO, Breakbio, shares his story of loss to cancer, and his passion for finding a breakthrough in cancer care.

Designed to benefit both patients with high mutation counts and patients with low mutation counts in their cancer (high or low Tumor Mutational Burden, TMB)

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