Triggered by personal need in 2017, when faced with no good options, BreakBio started working on a breakthrough immunotherapy treatment for colorectal cancer. We are a dedicated team of world renowned specialists with a cross section of expertise in immunology, immunotherapy, vaccines, bioinformatic analyses, cloud software platforms and big data. We bridge super specialties that have historically been compartmentalized and adopt a simultaneous multi-modal approach to curing colorectal cancer, the cancer that kills the 2nd highest number of people in the US.

Our intense effort started when one of our relatives was diagnosed with colon cancer. Many great scientists across the world are working on this cancer. We at BreakBio, respect them and admire their great work.

BreakBio’s Phase 1 clinical trial hopes to dramatically reduce tumor sizes and even cure some patients. We have designed a sophisticated, simultaneous multi-pronged attack on cancer cells. It is personalized per patient and includes an immunotherapy component.

We will be doing a Phase I clinical trial. Please wish patients who choose to enroll the very best. We thank you for your support.

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Roy de Souza and the BreakBio Team
Reaching for Breakthrough