BreakBio’s proprietary, patent-pending treatment is designed to make personalized vaccines that target several types of cancers, starting with metastatic colorectal cancer

Humbled that BreakBio CEO Roy de Souza was honored by the American Cancer Society at an event on May 11, 2023.

Roy de Souza, CEO, Breakbio, shares his story of loss to cancer, and his passion for finding a breakthrough in cancer care.

Colorectal cancer is the second most deadly cancer, after lung cancer, killing 53,200 Americans annually.

Existing treatments for this type of cancer are not effective.

Given that late stage patients who fail chemotherapy have no meaningful treatment options, resulting in poor survival rates, BreakBio believes it has developed a treatment protocol that will show substantial improvement over existing therapy, increasing the likelihood that the FDA will award us  “BREAKTHROUGH DESIGNATION”.

Achieving a BREAKTHROUGH to help these patients survive longer, and hopefully be cured, is our mission


BreakBio’s patent-pending Personalized Cancer Control (PCC) 

Cancer Vaccine Tailor Made for Each patient.
Treatment is in two parts

Cancer vaccine to create T-cells

BreakBio AI analyzes cancer cells from each patient to find not one, but many proteins on them

Dawn of AI drug design per patient

BreakBio manufactures synthetic copies of these proteins

Dawn of personalized drug manufacture per patient

Colorectal cancer drugs that help T-cells infiltrate tumors

Reduces barriers to immune system and
Slows rate of growth of cancer cells

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