4 Steps to an Effective Treatment

Developing a breakthrough personalized cancer vaccine therapy platform to cure cancer


1. Multi-omic Analysis


2. Powered by a
proprietary AI-vaccine
design model


3. Personalized
cancer vaccine


4. Combines CRC
proven drugs

First 3 steps are the Personalized Cancer Control (PCC)

Uses the latest advances in biological and data science to design bespoke cancer vaccines

1. Multi-omic Analysis

Cancer tissue and
patient sample

2. Proprietary AI-vaccine design model

Designs personalized vaccine
to optimize antigenicity

3. Personalized Cancer Vaccine

Optimized to slow cancer growth and
accelerate T-cell activity

4. Combine CRC Proven Drugs

We add FDA approved or Standard of Care drugs that fight Cancer cells, thereby increasing treatment effectiveness

RESULT: BreakBio’s patent-pending Personalized Cancer Control (PCC)

A personalized vaccine combination therapy platform that speeds T-cell killing and slows cancer growth

BreakBio’ PCC 4-part PCC Vaccine Platform

  1. Multi-omic Analysis (DNA, RNA, and Protein) analyzing patient and cancer cells
  2. Proprietary AI model to select the right T-cells to generate tumor-specific antigens
  3. Personalized cancer vaccine to generate more T-cells
  4. Add CRC proven drugs to tilt the scales

What is the process for each patient?